Dear Teacher or Administrator,

Thank you for coming to the instructor registration page of Xreading VL. 

If you have been asked by the person administering Xreading at your school to “self register” for Xreading, please enter your Institution Enrollment Code in the field at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in creating a new Xreading account for yourself or your institution, for security purposes, we ask that you contact us directly so we can create your account. Please send an e-mail me at contact@xreading.com with the following information:

1. Your family and given names
2. The name of your institution
3. The name of your department or program
4. The country and prefecture/province/emirate/etc where your institution is located
5. Approximately how many classes you expect to use the system with
6. Approximately how many students you expect to have use the system
7. How you heard about Xreading

As soon as we receive this information, we will create your free instructor account and send you a User ID (your e-mail address) and password. Xreading is now available WORLDWIDE, however book availability may vary by country.

Paul Goldberg

Instructor Information

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  • Automatically send welcome e-mail to students with their account information.
    Note: this is only possible if you are using valid e-mail addresses as the username.